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Isabel Perez gets bucket list wish granted by three high school seniors taking her to prom

by Ali Killam, Multimedia Journalist

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. (KTTC) — One 7-year-old prom princess is seeing her dream come true next weekend. Being the Belle of the Ball is at the top of Isabel Perez’s bucket list, as she battles a life-threatening disease.

From the moment Isabel Perez saw the high school girls step out in their flowing gowns at the Grand March, she knew she wanted to see the day where she would step out in her own and three seniors are making that all possible.

Last year, Isabel Perez was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, or IIH.

After doctors told her family Isabel was not a candidate for any cure, she made a bucket list of things she wanted to do in her time on this planet.

At the top of the list? To one day wear her crown at prom.

Three Kingsland High School seniors, Rachel Harder, Leah McQueen and Alex Gleason granted her that wish, with the biggest surprise ever.

“They made me a poster that says ‘every princess needs a tiara for the ball. Will you be our princess for prom?'” said Isabel.

The 7-year-old is busy preparing for a dance recital this weekend, but will have her special moment in the Grand March with her brand new dress in front of her family and friends.

“It is really good because I really want to be with them during prom,” said Isabel.

We will have all of Isabel’s prom magic on the NewsCenter on May 2.


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