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Smoked Meat Loaf

Smoked Meat Loaf


? 2 Pound 85% lean ground beef

? ½cup ketchup

? ½cup oatmeal

? ¼cup finely diced green peppers

? ¼cup chef salt


Pre-heat grill to 300 degrees

Mix all ingredient together and form into 2 loaves equal the same size or 8 equal size burgers

Place on aluminum foil and set aside until grill is ready

Place Meatloaf on grill and smother with Black Pepper Ketchup (Recipe Below)

Black Pepper Ketchup


? 4 cups ketchup

? ¼cup Black Pepper

? ¼cup Malted Vinegar


Mix all ingredients together, brush on meatloaf during cooking or burger after the flip


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