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Rochester residents take to the roads to support Melanoma research

Friday was a beautiful day in Rochester, but for some it’s about staying out of the sun.

The 13th annual "Stay Out of the Sun Run" took place Friday evening, as participants gathered at Lourdes High School to support Melanoma research.

Patients, survivors and families took to the trails around the high school and by Cascade Lake, in both running and walking events.

With nearly a 1,000 participants in this years run.. organizers are expecting to set a new record for money raised for Melanoma Research.

Something that means a lot to those involved,

"So the money that we raise for the event both with the donations and the registration goes to the Stay Out of the Sun Foundation. Which in turn, supports melanoma education, research, and awareness through the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center," said Race Director, Tiffany Piotrowicz.

 With a new team challenge this year, the group has garnered over $15,000 in donations from participants and expect even more to come in.


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