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Mayo Clinic celebrates 30 years of helping patients overcome nicotine addiction

More than 55,000 people have gotten help to kick nicotine addiction at Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center. 

On Monday the center marked its 30th anniversary with a celebration at Peace Plaza.

Mayo launched the program shortly after the Surgeon General first released findings about nicotine addiction in 1988. 

In addition to helping patients overcome tobacco addiction, it has also trained 15,000 health care professionals from across the country to help their own patients. 

The center’s director, Dr. Taylor Hays, says a lot has changed over the last three decades in the ways nicotine addiction can be treated.

"Thirty years ago we had counseling interventions and nicotine gum, and now we have seven medications, some medications that are also being developed, we have much better counseling techniques."

The Nicotine Dependence Center also does research on tobacco addiction treatments. 

Its researchers work has been in 550 publications. 


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