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Federal cuts and state veto hurting day service organizations

Federal cuts and Governor Dayton’s veto of the state GOP-backed band-aid spending bill will impact day service organizations across the state of Minnesota. 

These organizations include Rochester’s Ability Building CenterPossAbilities and United Way.

Early this year service organizations found out that federal portions of their granted funds were being pulled back: amounting to a seven percent cut.

That cut left residences and organizations helping people with disabilities hurting with their daily operations and struggling to fill pivotal positions.

Following a grassroots effort with MOHR (Minnesota Organization for Habitat and Rehabilitation) a provision granting funds to day services was put in last month’s bill but ultimately was lost after the governor’s veto. 

Faced with a financial dilemma, Bruce Renner with Ability Building Center says cutting their staff is the last action they want to take.

"Staff and volunteers and the community mean everything to us." Said Renner.

"This is a people business. It takes funding, it takes dollars, but the key asset is our people. It’s people that we serve and it’s people that are here to serve that are being impacted."

The 7-percent cut is set to take effect on July 1st and solutions currently are limited.

"We reach out to them again and say ‘is there anything we can do? Can you take a second look at this?’ They’re not talking to each other, there’s not talk of a special session, but organizations like ABC are really dependent on their support here."

Only a special legislative session in the next 24 days can grant organizations helping people with disabilities the funds they’re set to lose. 


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