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Two bystanders rescue boy from drowning

It’s summer and children just can’t wait to go swimming in the pool. Then, something potentially tragic: a young boy goes underwater and doesn’t come back up.

An incredible rescue Monday afternoon, after a boy sinks to the bottom of a swimming pool.

The quick thinking of two very alert people saved the child’s life at the Villages at Essex Park pool. With so many other kids around and no life guard on duty, a whole minute passes before someone notices him.

That someone is 13-year-old Cody Runyon.

"I went under water, and all of a sudden I see him just laying on the ground just sitting down in five feet, just passed out," he said.

Cody began looking around, spotted the boy, and immediately swam towards him.  He then dives to get him above water.

"I grabbed him like that like around his waist, and then his head was over my shoulder and I started carrying him," he said.

Swimming to the shallow end, he’s helped by another kid and the woman who would perform CPR, Desiree Pasko.

"Adrenalin was so surreal at the time that I walked over ans said to the young man that had drowned, ‘This isn’t funny. If you’re playing this isn’t funny,’" said Pasko. "I said it two or three times before I knew that it was just time to pull him out and I pulled him out and initiated CPR."

After laying him on his side then performing mouth-to-mouth with no avail, she began chest compressions.

"And then I could hear a small gurgle, and his cheeks got pink. When his cheeks turned pink, I gave one more breath, I did two more big pumps, and then I tipped him over just praying that he would vomit and he did," shes said. "And when he’d vomited I started screaming ‘He’s alive! He’s alive!"

We watched the surveillance with Villages at Essex management, As Pasko worked to bring the young boy back to consciousness while help was on the way.

"Watching a child go from totally blue, to a little tiny bit of pink is a rewarding feeling," said Pasko.

Pasko was grateful for Cody springing into action.

"He’s the coolest kid. He is…he’s the hero," she said.

We’re told the child is recovering and is expected to be okay.


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