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Rochester choir brings awareness to those battling dementia

Saturday morning, people in Rochester gathered to celebrate the dawn of "resounding voices."

The resounding voices choir is made up of vocalists who are fighting mild memory impairment or dementia and their support partners.

They believe in the power of music to unify, strengthen, and celebrate the full potential of people living with dementia.

Choir members spent 10 weeks rehearsing and preparing for this moment that means so much for those involved.

"It makes me extremely happy, it’s such a, I don’t know how to say it, but I really appreciate what’s being generated here, it’s liberating," said Resounding Voices Choir member, Stephen Brimijoin.

"Since the dark day arrived, we tried to find the moment that we could break through the clouds and found in the sunshine and enjoy in the moment and live happy," added choir member, Yang Gao.

Brimijoin and Gao run a research lab at the Mayo Clinic for Alzheimer’s disease and they say while it may be too late to cure his disease, they hope to make an impact for future generations.


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