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Students get hands-on experience at Mayo Clinic

A group of 40 Minnesota high school students are learning about different health car careers at Mayo Clinic Saint Marys this week.

The Career immersion program is for juniors and seniors in high school who are interested in a career in the health sciences but maybe don’t want to become a nurse or doctor.

The week long program is put on by Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

It’s designed to give students a hands on learning experience in nearly 15 different careers guided by the schools teachers and professors.

Each day brings a new opportunity for the kids to discover which medical career piques their interest most, whether it be emergency medicine or radiology.

"It’s just exciting to watch young students become engaged and really find areas in the health care sciences that they identify with or think they may be interested in pursuing in the future," said Stacey Rizza, Associate Dean of Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

The lessons and experiences the kids pick up during the week can help them figure out what they really want to do when they go to college and beyond.

"I came here having an idea of what I wanted to do, but then we went to labs and then we did all this," said Visara Sok, a student from Shakopee Senior High School. "Now I know I have more options and it makes me a little bit less nervous knowing that."

On Tuesday, students got to practice basic emergency medicine techniques and even check out the Mayo One helicopter.

This is the third year for the career immersion program. It’s not so easy to get into.

Of the nearly 200 students who apply, only 40 were accepted.


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