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Telemedicine: the new wave at Mayo in Adams

The Mayo Clinic is working with the Adams community to meet the healthcare needs of people. They held an open house Tuesday to let people know more about a new way to provide care.

The second phase of Mayo’s new healthcare project is telemedicine. With this system, a primary care provider in Austin will be connected to patients in Adams. People will be able to talk to a physician without having to drive to Austin. Mayo officials say today’s turnout has been a successful one.

"People are thankful that we’re having labs and some services provided here in the Adams clinic," says Certified Nurse Practitioner Jane Myers, "and the phase two will be the telemedicine which will start later this summer or early this fall.  So we’re excited to provide that service as well."

Mayo representatives say telemedicine is the wave of the future because it’s a convenient way to serve patients. They also hope to continue to provide care to people who might have difficulties driving long distances.


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