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Transplant patients participate in mini parade

With the Fourth of July holiday coming up on Wednesday, people everywhere are gearing up for all the fun and festivities that come along with the holiday.

Even though they may be too sick to leave the hospital, transplant patients at Mayo Clinic-Saint Marys got to participate in their own parade Monday afternoon.

All of the transplant patients who participated in Monday’s parade are Status 1A, which means they have the highest priority for heart transplants.

That also means these patients cannot leave the hospital, so the transplant center organized the parade.

Patients were encouraged to decorate their IV poles with creative themes, ranging from Harley Davidson to Christmas in July.

Transplant patient Al Logie has been at Saint Marys for nearly four months, waiting for a new heart and liver.

He shared with KTTC how important it is to be an organ donor.

"Very important," said Logie. "The guy who was in my room when I first came, and I had a problem, thinking ‘Well somebody has to die for me to live.’ And he said ‘Don’t look at it that way. We are both donors.’ He said ‘ You are carrying on this person’s legacy in your body and so we both have life. Without this other donor, we would both be dead.’"

Some of the patients have been at the hospital for nearly a year and events like the IV Pole Parade are good ways to break up the day-to-day hospital life.

Monday’s parade was also a way to spread the message of the importance of organ donation.


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