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Laborer’s construction training class provides opportunity while teaching trade skills

Rochester Workforce Center’s free "Laborer’s Construction Training Class" aims to help those who may not be made for college or who may have financial stipulations, get into a secure, lucrative opportunity within the construction industry.

Tuesday morning the class toured multiple commercial construction sites and learned important lessons on site safety, analysis of the industry as a whole and learned to leverage their skills to get a better job.

One of the group’s stops was the Ronald McDonald House expansion project in downtown Rochester where site and labor workers described their experiences in the industry.

Laborer Training Center Instructor Robert Vasquez says success in the construction world is about following rules and having a good outlook. 

"Bringing the right attitude, having good work ethics and following procedures out there. We tend to realize that in life there’s a lot of rules and regulations we have to follow and we want you to know that even in the trades there’s rules and regulations that we have to follow to help protect us the workers out there to keep us safe." Said Vasquez.

The class also teaches students certain intangibles such as bringing the right attitude, having good work ethics and following procedures as a whole. All this training serves at a premium value for students in a time where Rochester is ever-expanding and attaining a livable wage is realistic.

"With the way things are going now we’re seeing America still building and it’s got to be built by somebody why not have a Union Craft Member build America for you?" Said Vasquez.

The near four-week class finishes up August 31st with a graduation ceremony. Students will then have an opportunity to get into a construction career via labor and commercial company interviews.


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