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Quarry Hill Nature Center invites visitors to learn about edible plants

The Quarry Hill Nature Center is teaching visitors about edible plants all over the nature center. 

A group of like-minded folk is starting monthly meet-up for anyone interested in plants, and people with any level of experience are welcome to join.

Led by a couple of plants experts, the group explored edible plants and their uses around the nature center.

One of the leaders, Rochester Public Library Assistant Lauren Hughes, took a foraging class at the library where people really wanted to go outside and interact with the plants.

"Quarry Hill is just a really lovely place that welcomes people to come and use its space and do whatever they want in nature," she said. 

She adds that it makes people care more about the environment they live in.

"The purpose of getting people together like this is to enjoy being out in nature, interact with it in a really fun way, remember that there are things all around us that are useful. To not just think you have to get all of your food in a supermarket, and that all of the food that you get is somehow really far away from you," said Hughes. "All the means of production are really far away from you. You can just go outside and pick a flower and eat it."

The group will meet on the first Saturday of every month.


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