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Athlete of the Week – Lauren Buchholtz, Kingsland Volleyball

A thousand kills is a rare enough club to enter, which  a Kingsland’s senior star joined with a spike against Grand Meadow. But that’s just one feather in the cap of Lauren Buchholtz, who has amassed 1,000 kills, 1,000 points in basketball and a state track title in her varsity athletic career. 

"It was really special because I’d already gotten 1,000 points in basketball and the state championship [in track], this is just kind of a final [achievement], like this is my thing for volleyball," she said.

Buchholtz has a mountain of experience at the varsity level — 5 years in volleyball, 5 years in basketball, and 6 in track. Right before her 1,000th kill, she was cool, calm, and collected. Head Coach Sam Hanley says it was everyone else that was sweating it out. 

"Kids really do follow her around this gym," he said. "From the ninth grade up, everybody wants to get her [advice]. Like that 1000th kill night, everybody was pressing more than she was. She was pressing less than everybody else. ‘I want to be a part of it! I want to be a part of it!’"

But you better believe, getting number 1000 was a monkey of Buchholtz’s back.

"Now this is kind of stress free now that I’ve gotten it," she said.

Buchholtz is a leader in her community, and girls of all ages in Spring Valley look up to their three-sport star. 

"The girls follow her, virtually from 4th and 5th grade up," said Hanley. "That’s how much she means to the community, really. She shows up in the gym every day. She does a lot of hard work."

For all that she’s accomplished, Buchholtz has one more box on her checklist to mark off — a trip to the section quarterfinals right here in Rochester.

"We really want to make it to the civic center I know, and we’ve got some games coming up that we lost the first time playing them, and we really want to have a better game this time."

Lauren Buchholtz of the Kingsland Knights Volleyball Team is this week’s KTTC NewsCenter Sports Athlete of the Week. 


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