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Jess Abrahamson

Jess Abrahamson

Jess Abrahamson came to KTTC in 1996, delighted to have found a job near the little town so close to her heart. Jess grew up in the scenic community of Lanesboro and was married there on New Year’s Eve, 2003.

Jess and her husband, Jason, share a love of international travel. Jason proposed to Jess in Ireland and the couple went on a honeymoon in Thailand that included an elephant safari in the jungle. Both say the best adventures are yet to come.

Jess has a degree in broadcasting from Northwestern College in St. Paul.

Jess is now the KTTC NewsCenter Today and NewsCenter at Noon News Anchor, where she can be seen Monday through Friday at 5:30am and at Noon.

Connect with Jess at: | Facebook | Twitter

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