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Train derailment disrupts Iowa town

ALTON, Iowa (KTIV) – At 4:25 Sunday morning, catastrophe happened.

“UP train was derailed, come to find out we had the bridge failure of some sort here and the cars derailed on there,” says, Alton, Iowa Fire Chief Quintin Van Es.

The cause of the derailment could be because of a bridge failure.

“The bridge collapsed as it was coming across it,” says Van Es.

Union Pacific is the railroad company involved in the incident.

“Yeah the biggest next step is for Union Pacific to get all their workforce in here, their crews and the contractors they use to clean up the mess.”

The Alton community doesn’t need to worry about the area being hazardous, the train was only carrying industrial sand and soybean oil.

“There’s going to be a lot of work crews coming into town a lot of activity being taken place, so I just urge the citizens of Alton and the local community to just abide by the barricades that are up out there, help us stay safe, them stay safe, stay out of the work zone area because that’s why it’s barricaded that way and that way we can let the crews do their job, we can do our job."


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