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Woman’s broken nose leads to man’s arrest

A family dispute escalated into patio furniture being used to break a woman’s nose.  

Deputies arrived to find 21-year-old Richard Morrison Jr. asleep on the hood of a nearby car.

After being restrained by paramedics and law enforcement, Morrison was treated at the hospital for facial injures and extreme intoxication. 

It happened Sunday night just before midnight  in the 400 block of 2nd Street Northwest in Stewartville. 

Morrison had been living there with his 19-year-old girlfriend and her parents. 
Deputies say they heard a chaotic scene over the 911 call and that it allegedly began when Morrison’s girlfriend said she wanted him to stop drinking. 

The parents say they restrained Morrison on the ground before he got up and threw a patio table at his girlfriend’s mother, causing a laceration and breaking her nose. 

Morrison told deputies we was "Going to sleep" as he was laying on the hood of a car. He is now in the Olmsted County jail facing charges of second degree assault and disorderly conduct.


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