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Congressional nominees react to President Trump’s Rochester visit

President Trump is heading back to Minnesota. This time, to Rochester.

The president will be here next Thursday. It underscores his focus on the 1st Congressional District where Republicans have a chance at taking the seat.

President Trump will be in Rochester Thursday, October 4th.

Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District is one of the hottest races in the country.

“I think Rochester is a very good indicator about whats happening across the country,” 1st District Republican nominee Jim Hagedorn said.

With about a month until election day, President Trump’s second 2018 visit to the state comes with hope Republicans can flip some Minnesota congressional seats.

“Republicans have to win these elections,” Hagedorn said. “We can’t lose the U.S. house, we have to keep the senate, we need to win back our governors race here in Minnesota and all of the other constitutional offices.”

Hagedorn is looking forward to Minnesotans hearing President Trump’s message first hand.

“We are excited that President Trump is coming to Rochester so the people of Minnesota can hear his message directly,” Hagedorn said. “I think its an honor for folks to have the president in. And I can tell you this, the Republicans I know are really fired up.”

During his visit, President Trump will host a rally at Mayo Civic Center.

Trump’s campaign says he will discuss his America First agenda and how Minnesotans need to keep and grow Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

“Hes gonna lay out those accomplishments and then he’s going to talk about his vision for America’s future,” Hagedorn said. “So the people of southern Minnesota will be able to do that first hand.”

KTTC also reached out to Hagedorn’s opponent, Dan Feehan.

Feehan looks at President Trump’s visit in a positive light as well.

“The President’s visit to the district is actually encouraging,” Feehan said in a written statement. “It is a clear sign that the national Republicans are worried about their ability to win this seat, which is a direct reflection of the strength of our campaign and the relative weakness of our opponent.”


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