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Lewiston-Altura Elementary hosts Careers on Wheels

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Students had a pretty different career day on Thursday.

The parking lot at Lewiston-Altura Elementary School switched from a normal one, to one that welcomed emergency vehicles, squad cars, trucks and tractors.

“This is called Career on Wheels or COW, and we have about 20 different vehicles that are here today,” said School Counselor Tori Todd.

As part of COW, instead of professionals giving presentations in the classroom about their jobs, they did so in the school’s parking lot.

That gave kids a chance to explore and learn about different careers.

“You’re out there helping people, that’s definitely fun. You’re catching bad guys you’re going fast. It’s all kind of fun,” said Deputy Craig Wurzel with the Winona County Sheriff’s Office.

Students got to go inside fire trucks, buses, squad cars and tractors.

“They get to see these great big things that sometimes you don’t realize how, you know, how big they are or how they’re part of the community and what they do,” said Todd.

“We’re not scary or people to run away from, or bad people or coming to get you,” said Deputy Wurzel. “I’d rather them be like, ‘Oh those are the people that are going to help you.’ Because when it comes down to it, they’re going to be wanting to run to us not away from us.”

The program is in its seventh year and is for students in Preschool through fourth grade.


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