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Future Preston Veterans Homes gets community support

A new veterans home in Preston is closer to becoming a reality.

State lawmakers came to southeastern Minnesota Thursday afternoon to give an update on plans to build that home in Fillmore county.

The Preston Veterans Home has been in the works for a few years and if it continues to stay on track; they’ll break ground next year.

“This is a big day. It’s a day of thanks, thanking veterans for what they’ve done,” state representative Greg Davids said. “There’s going to be a beautiful new home here in southeastern Minnesota that will fit their needs. And like I’ve said, they’ve served us, now its time for us to serve them.”

Once up and running, the home will serve 15 surrounding counties.

In addition to the millions of state dollars set aside for the project, community members of southeastern Minnesota raised more than $200,000.

One of those fundraisers was a young boy who raised more than $2,000 selling eggs.

To celebrate and give thanks to those who donated, the Minnesota House Veterans Affairs Division Chairman Bob Dettmer and Winona Rep. Jeremy Miller joined Davids at the proposed site.

Davids says there is already a waiting list for this home – which is set to open sometime in 2021.

“On behalf of the veterans committee, I would like to thank everybody for the support that they’ve given us,” Veteran Committee Co-Chairman Don Gildner said. “A lot of support from a long ways away. Without them, this project would be a lot harder to do.”

The next step is for state lawmakers to secure federal funds for the project.


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