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Volunteers begin cleanup of devastated Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls is still working to recover from the destruction of their town on September 20th, when two tornadoes and high force winds ripped apart the community.

The cleanup and restoration of the city started Saturday, with volunteers from around the state coming in to help.

They cleared branches, cut down destroyed trees, hauled debris away, and helped residents begin to feel normal once again.

Cannon Falls Police Chief, Jeff McCormick, said the outpouring of support was so great, nearby city’s even sent their own crew teams to help.

“How do you say thank you to that? Other than if they ever need us, Cannon Falls will be there. What we really wanted to do was make a difference in our neighborhoods. Help people feel like they can really start getting back to normal, so when that big brush pile in their front yard is gone, it’s not a reminder everyday of what happened,” continued McCormick.

There’s still a lot of work ahead of them, but they’ve already seen a drastic improvement around the city thanks to all the volunteers.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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