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Wet start to 2017

It sure seemed like the month of March and the first couple days of April featured enough wet weather and very little sunshine here across southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. That wasn’t just a feeling, the numbers back up the fact that 2017 has been very wet so far across portions of the Upper Midwest. The bulls-eye for the moisture has fallen across southeast Minnesota and the northern half of Iowa where precipitation departures range from 2 to 4 inches above average through April 5th! You don’t need to travel very far north or west to see a much different story though. Places like the Twin Cities, Sioux Falls and Fargo are running precipitation deficits for 2017 as of April 5th and those areas really could use some rain to help green things up!

Here’s a look at precipitation amounts for 2017 through April 5th and the departures from average in parenthesis.

Matt Benz

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