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Mayo Clinic Children’s Center hosts reverse trick-or-treating event

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Not every child gets to experience Halloween – walking in their costumes from house to house to collect candy.

But children undergoing treatment at Mayo Clinic-Saint Marys Hospital did not miss out on the experience Wednesday.

Hospitalized children at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center got to have “reverse trick-or-treating,” while still getting treatment.

That’s when staff visit children in their rooms and give them candy, toys and prizes.

“This is a great day for everybody to get dressed up, and we’re here to celebrate and share happiness and smiles,” said Jill Hunchis, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. “And it’s just great to let the kids, you know, being in a situation of being in the hospital for them to get to have a normal Halloween and dress up and trick or treat.”

Four-year-old Christian Bos is in and out of the hospital for Leukemia treatment. He had to go back to the hospital the day before Halloween because of a fever.

“Halloween was a little different than we expected,” said his father, Martijn Bos. “I think we made the best of it; we brought his costume and as you can see his police car, and get to celebrate is this way with all the other kids.”

So on Halloween, they forget about treatments, chemo and surgery and just be kids.

“I think to keep it as normal as possible and have him have the opportunity to celebrate this and trick or treat, get his costume and watch his iPad I think is, under the circumstances, best we can hope for,” said Bos.

Ala Errebhi

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