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Lanesboro mayor elect Jason Resseman wins with 44 percent of vote

It’s official – Jason Resseman will be the next mayor of Lanesboro.

Thursday night, the town made its midterm election results official; a little more than a week after folks went to the polls.

The town’s mayoral race took an interesting turn after two write in campaigns popped up – for Andy Drake and Robin Krom. The two opposed Resseman on Nov. 6, who was the only name on the ballot.

Thursday night’s meeting became especially important after the results on election night showed more write-in votes than votes for Resseman.

After a thorough review of the ballots, Resseman won with 44 percent of the vote – with the write in percentages split into three parts.

Challenger Drake received 17 percent and Krom 30 percent. The other 9 percent went to other names.

City officials say they are not at all surprised by the results. Resseman is looking forward to serving in his new role.

“It would have been nice as I mentioned before to the last reporter that you know maybe we could have had debates and things like that if people were on the ballot, but again Minnesota affords the opportunity for write ins, and all a person can do is put their name out there and do their best for their community,” Reeseman said. “And having won the election that’s my intention.”

Lanesboro’s city clerk and administrator Michele Peterson adds this years voter turn out was particularly impressive with 510 people participating, out of the 750 people living there.


Beret Leone

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