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Rochester church hosts “Blue Christmas” Service

While emotions for many are lifted during the holidays, it’s not so easy for everyone to get into the holiday spirit – the holiday season can be extraordinarily difficult for some.

The Congregational Church United Church of Christ in Rochester is reaching out to those souls with a “Blue Christmas” service.

The “Blue Christmas” service was all about embracing where you’re at – even mourning if you need to – despite the pressure for many to be joyful this time of year.

The service Wednesday honored people and families who’ve lost loved ones this year with candle light, hymns and scripture.

The Congregational Church United Church of Christ has been hosting “Blue Christmas” services since 2011; but the tradition is actually practiced at many other churches. Often times they’re held on the Winter Solstice; a source of light during the longest night of the year.

Reverend Garth Schumacher encourages folks who are struggling to allow themselves a way to heal.

“While this was a more formal affair in church, that you go ahead and give yourself permission at home to just sit in quiet, and if you need to cry, cry. If you need to call a friend, call a friend. It’s okay to be in mourning at this time,” Rev. Schumacher said.

The Congregational Church is also hosting a traditional Christmas Eve service on Monday at 5:30 p.m.


Beret Leone

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