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Albert Lea residents draw parallels from MLK to current U.S. immigration issues

ALBERT LEA, Minn (KTTC) – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rally’s happened all across the United States on Monday, but in Albert Lea it was a different kind of celebration.

MLK Day can stand for something very specific to each unique group of individuals.

Residents in Albert Lea took the day to remember Dr. King and draw parallels for what he stood for in relation to current immigration issues in the United States.

Monday night’s ceremony featured speakers from the mayor of Albert Lea, two students at Riverland Community College and a staff attorney from the Immigration Center of Minnesota.

They talked about their experiences and about the advantages of diversity in their own community.

“I think the parallels are striking from the civil rights movement in the ’60s to what we’re seeing today. Kind of this divisiveness, trying to divide one race or people from one country against another country. So we’re seeing that a lot and it’s good to reflect on what are our human rights? What are our human values? And how do we want our America to look like today?,” said Sara Karki, an Immignt Law Center of Minnesota Staff Attorney.

Scholarships were also awarded to three Albert Lea High School seniors who are active in public service with the goal of promoting peace and justice.

Several singers led songs of peace throughout the evening, while Karki discussed several facts and myths about immigration in the United States.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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