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Heartbroken: Valentine’s favorite candy won’t see stores in 2019

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(KTTC) – Your favorite Valentine’s Day candy will not be on store shelves this year.

Necco, the makers of the original conversation sweethearts, announced that the treat will not be returning until Valentine’s season in 2020.

The American favorite is known for having cute sayings like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” on the front of the candy heart.

Necco reportedly closed its factory in 2018 and Spangler, the new owner of the brand, said they did not have enough time to produce the popular treats.

Spangler company officials did promise that the favorite candies will make a return in 2020. noted that the conversation hearts were the most popular valentine’s candy in 2018.

Now, other brands will be stepping in to fill that gap.

The company also announced that they plan to reintroduce Necco wafers to store shelves sometime in 2019.

Even though stores will not be officially selling these conversation hearts, consumers can find them for sale online via Ebay and Amazon.

Don’t be too heartbroken, the candy hearts will be back!

Nikki Naik

Social Media and Digital Content Manager | | @nrnaik20

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