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MnDOT crews prepare for Sunday’s snow

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – As if the brutally cold temperatures these last few days weren’t enough…
now our area is bracing for heavy snowfall Sunday and through much of Monday.

Crews from MnDOT’s District 6 headquarters in Rochester started preparing for the wintry mess Sunday afternoon.

A total of 101 snow plows are set to hit the roads with crews working around the clock.

Some areas were pretreated with salt, but MnDOT says when it’s this cold, salt isn’t as effective.

It can even freeze up and create an icy patch.

The frigid air also means it will take longer for roads to return to normal conditions.

“After a new fallen snow, you drive out of your driveway, you pack that down, well consider thousands of trips of vehicles just packing that down and with this really cold temperature, it bonds to the pavement and then it’s very hard to remove,” said MnDOT’s Mike Dougherty. “The salt doesn’t work very well.”

MnDOT is reminding drivers to turn on their headlights, and stay at least 10 car lengths behind a plow as crews work to keep our roads safe.

Erin O'Brien

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