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New broadband provider coming to Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A new high-speed internet provider is getting the go-ahead to break into the Rochester market after Monday nights city council meeting.

It’s a service called “Metronet.” City leaders hope it gives residents an affordable option for internet access.

Metronet now has up to five years to supply fiber optic cable to 80 percent of Rochester.

The broadband will come to town in preexisting poles and where there’s not a pole, they’ll add underground lines.

This comes after an unanimous vote from city leaders.

“I can say to every parent out there who has a child, broadband is critical to education. There’s a lot of households that frankly cant afford the 800 dollars a year that its costs just to get broadband alone, from Charter, the only current city wide provider,” city council member Michael Wojcik said. “I’m hoping that in a working partnership with Metronet we can bring access to more people.”

According to the contract, Metronet service will also provide service for Rochester schools and other public buildings, free of charge.


Beret Leone

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