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Mayo Clinic surgeon goes beyond operating room for patient care

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – If you’ve ever had to undergo a medical procedure, you know the anxiety that may come with going under the knife.

A product taking the medical field by storm is helping ease some of that anxiety for patients and is now available to the general public.

It comes from a company that goes by the name of “COVR Medical.” Its product is designed to keep patients covered up when they’re wearing hospital gowns – before, during and after an operation – because in the eyes of its founders, there’s no need to go naked.

“I do a lot of hip surgery, and people are actually quite exposed during the operation,” Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Surgeon Doctor Bruce Levy said.

Anxiety, fear and panic; all emotions you may experience as a patient rolling into an operating room. And on top of that? You’re naked.

“It was really during those procedures that I felt somewhat frustrated that there wasn’t something better to cover the patients,” Dr. Levy said.

Nothing but a blue towel – that constantly slips around – to cover you up.

“I turn to Heather and I go, there has to be a better way to do this,” Dr. Levy explained.

That’s when Dr. Levy had an idea. 

Working in tandem with his wife, Heather, the two designed an undergarment they call “COVR.” They say its designed to help ease some of the stress that comes with seeing a medical professional.

“We’ve developed a garment that’s basically an FDA, class one medical device that meets every standard and criteria for drape and gowns in the health care setting,” Dr. Levy continued. “And even the operating room. We use it every day.”

“The patients are demanding it,” COVR Medical co-founder and President Heather Levy added. “And saying I’m not coming in with out a COVR. Either I’m bringing it in or you’re providing it.”

Widespread use of COVR at Mayo Clinic began in 2017 in numerous medical and surgical departments.

“We’re reaching all across the country,” Dr. Levy said.

And today, anyone – not just medical facilities – can get one.

Simple, yet effective.

“We’re hoping people will be aware of COVR and that we will raise the standard of care for a patient’s privacy, care and dignity,” Dr. Levy said.

Beret Leone

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