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Community members help Longfellow students for Writing Mentor Day

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) –  Students in Rochester had the chance today to learn from a unique kind of tutor.

Nearly sixty professionals from around the Rochester area visited Longfellow Elementary School to serve as writing mentors.

Each mentor worked one-on-one with a fifth grade student to help them work on a paper about a historic figure.

Law enforcement, first responders, members of the media, and other businessmen and women volunteered.

Kris Davidson, Longfellow’s principal, says this event makes for unique connections outside of the traditional “student-teacher” relationship.

“We want the kids to see beyond our walls, we work day-to-day with our kids and sometimes we can be subjective to that,” said Davidson. “We want some really good objective feedback, but we also want the kids to see where they can be as adults one day in life. We want them to see how they are coming in as adults in the professional world, coming in and giving time to them because we also want our kids to see when they’re adults, that’s their responsibility.”

This is the fifth year that Longfellow has organized this event.

Some familiar faces from KTTC and FOX 47 served as mentors, including Jess Abrahamson, Jacob Murphey, Linda Ha, and Beret Leone.

Erin O'Brien

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