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New year baby receives special gift from a stranger

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It was in the wee hours of New Years Day, 2019, the very first baby was born in Rochester. Jackson Zachary Kammueller weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces to proud parents Bridget Gongora and Zach Kammueller.

News coverage from KTTC back in January, inspired something pretty special. A random act of kindness form a viewer in Iowa.

“I could spend all day looking at him,” Zach said beaming.

When little Jackson Zachary Kammueller came into the world.

“Watching him grow up and change and develop a little bit of personality already. All the stuff we’ve had to learn as parents too, its been a crazy two months,” Zach said. “It’s incredible how fast its goes.”

“He still loves looking at the camera like the day he was born,” Bridget said.

But, little did his proud parents know.

“We got very lucky,” Zach said.

“What parent doesn’t say that though?” Bridget added.

“Right,” Zach said. “True.”

Jackson’s TV debut, would inspire a stranger to reach out.

A hand crafted, piece of wood work, carved just for their little guy.

“It looked like a decent amount of work went into it. And it was super thoughtful,” Zach said. “Its a guy we’ve never even met in person.”

Traveling all the way from Cresco, Iowa. 

“I mean you kinda got to pay it forward when somebody does something this nice for you,” Zach said.

A gift and random act of kindness to pay forward.

“Its definitely going over his crib. Its a really awesome gift, pretty thoughtful,” Zach said. “Plus, it will be a good story to tell him, too.”

The wood work comes from Leonard in Cresco. He’s been creating gifts for New Year babies in Cresco for about 15 years, but has been wood working even longer than that. After Leonard saw Jackson’s story in January, he thought he would expand his woodworking gifts to Rochester.

Beret Leone

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