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Permit revoked for Kasson business owner

KASSON, Minn. (KTTC) – Jason Wilker of Jason Wilker Retaining Walls & Pavers is fearful that his livelihood is in jeopardy.

About six months ago the Planning and Zoning Commission determined Wilker’s business was in violation of his conditional use permit after receiving a complaint.

On Wednesday, the city of Kasson made a decision to revoke that permit, saying his landscaping business is in violation in six of the eight conditions.

Violated conditions include:

  • Adding additional commercial structures on the property
  • Having less than 60 percent of the entire lot planted and maintained in trees, shrubs and plants
  • Appropriate buffer yards have not been installed
  • Trucks, water tanks and equipment are stored on the property overnight
  • Landscaping materials are being stored on the south side instead of the north side
  • Not having a nursery license

Wilker now has 60 days to fix those violations, or give specific time frames of when those violations can be resolved to the council.

Wilker believes he’s being picked on because there are other businesses violating similar conditions and that this is the first time anyone has complained.

“With the way that the housing market is running now and growing and the city running out of city commercial city lots for residential, I see there’s potentially a hidden reason why they’re pushing me out,” Wilker said.

Kasson Mayor Chris McKern made a point to give Wilker a second chance with the 60 day extension.

“We want to work with the business owners in town,” Mayor McKern said. “We want to work with Mr. Wilker an keep his business going, but we need cooperation both ways.”

There is a lawsuit between Wilker and the city, but neither party could comment on the legal dispute.

The next hearing on that case is Mar. 25.


Beret Leone

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