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Mayo Clinic Medical School “Match Day”

ROCHESTER, Minn (KTTC) – Today is the day graduating medical students around the world look forward to, its called “Match Day.”

Students find out the specialty and residency program they will train at for the next three to seven years.

Its called “match” because it is not just the students or the programs making the decision. The students rank their preferences and so do the programs. From there the National Resident Matching Program’s computer algorithm goes to work which leads to today’s results.

For Lauren Smith, today brings so many emotions. “I think my main feeling right now is anticipation on what my future holds.”

Smith has been watching her father work in a hospital setting since he was young, “He’s always loved his job which has been an inspiration to me, seeing how much he loved going to work everyday.”

Lauren with her daughter Eleanor as she received her envelope

She knew medicine was her calling, but her path through school took an unexpected turn. “We had a wonderful blessing of Eleanor come into our lives so I came back and started third year with her and she was three months,” says Smith. That made it the hardest and most meaningful year of her life.

Smith started her third year of medical school with a three month old child as a single mother. Her husband was finishing up his Ph.D. program on the west coast. She had to balance her new life which came with hard choices.

“While its been hard being away from her I also get to do something that I’m incredibly passionate about,” said Smith.

As the clock ticked to noon, Smith was able to open the envelope that reveled where her family is going next.

“We’re going to Cincinnati,” says Smith with an enormous smile on her face. It was her top ranked pediatric residency.

Smith graduates in May, but the first order of business is finding a daycare for her daughter Eleanor.

Ubah Ali

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