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Digging Deeper Inside Mayo Clinic: Nano Medicine

Dr. Joy Wolfram, Ph.D.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (KTTC) – March is Women’s History Month. And there is a growing list of women making history in the world of medicine.

One researcher is making a difference in the world of nanomedicine at Mayo Clinic in Florida. And it’s work that could one day save lives.

Dr. Joy Wolfram, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic where she leads the Nanomedicine and Extra-cellular Vesicles Laboratory. She’s been getting a lot of attention lately; Forbes magazine even spotlights her as one of their 30 to watch under the age of 30.

Her work is about saving lives. “We need to think out of the box,” she says. “We need to think big and be visionaries.”

Nanotechnology enables the design of targeted therapies, increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing side effects of traditional cancer therapies. Dr. Wolfram’s ultimate goal is to bring new nanomedicine treatments to clinical practice at Mayo Clinic.

According to the National Cancer Institute, the United States spends billions annually on cancer research. Still, millions of people die each year. The World Health Organization projects the number to rise to 22 million people by 2035.

Because of those staggering numbers, Dr. Wolfram says we need to explore more promising frontiers like nanomedicine.


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