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Throwback Thursday: cars invade department store in 1920s Rochester

During the weekend of March 25 and 26, 1927, Rochester’s finest department store at the time, the E. A. Knowlton Company store (now the site of the Rosa Parks Pavilion), played host to Rochester’s second annual Automobile Show.

The show, which featured concerts and prizes, was advertised as “A Wonderful Opportunity for You to Size up the Styles and Mechanical Features of the Many Cars Shown and With Expert Assistance”.

As shown here, the latest car models were parked among the store’s aisles of other fine goods.

Some of the brands represented have stood the test of time, like Chevrolet and Dodge. Others, like Hupmobile, Hudson-Essex, and Whippet, are now best known to car aficionados.

Jacob Murphey

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