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Gold Cross Ambulance receives name change as of April 1

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Mayo Clinic announced that Gold Cross Ambulance will be changing names as of April 1.

Gold Cross Ambulance is now Mayo Clinic Ambulance as of Monday, April 1.

In a press release, Mayo Clinic stated that the name change will help clarify for patients and communities that Mayo Clinic provides their ambulance service to. It is also states that the name change is expected to reflect their “safe, high-quality care.”

The ambulances, uniforms and building signage will undergo a makeover – consisting of bold and and visible designs, similar to the Mayo Clinic branding.

The new look is expected to roll out throughout 2019, first in Rochester, then in other communities throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin that Gold Cross served.

“It will take us several months to update our entire fleet of ambulances. We have 70 ambulances serving communities across parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, so we’ll take a phased approach to transitioning the fleet,” said John Wald, M.D., a member of the Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service board of directors.

“For a while, people may see both Gold Cross and Mayo Clinic ambulances in their communities – but it’s always the same Mayo Clinic paramedics and EMTs caring for them.”

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service is replacing Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, the name that used to umbrella five services including ground transportation, air ambulance, emergency communications, education and training and community paramedicine.


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