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Brown Sleet & Strong Winds 4-11-2019

April 11th, 2019 will be the day remembered that we saw different colored precipitation and tinted skies! A large area of low pressure swept up dust from New Mexico, western Texas and northern Mexico and delivered it to southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Precipitation is a good scrubber of the atmosphere and when we saw sleet, hail and rain on the morning of the 11th it had picked up the dust out of the atmosphere and deposited it on the ground!


Along with the strange colored precipitation, we also saw incredible winds which lead to significant damage to the area. Freezing rain weighed down power lines and trees limbs making them easier targets for strong winds to cause damage. Numerous power poles were snapped off as well making cleanup a mess for the area.

If the sleet and the winds weren’t enough, we are fast approaching the season snowfall record for Rochester. With a total sleet/snowfall of 5.1″ between April 10th & 11th, our season snowfall total for 2018/’19 sits at 84.7″. Our current record season snowfall record for Rochester stands at 85.1″ set back in 1996/’97!

Matt Benz

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