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Active shooting training takes over Austin High School

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) – Austin Police officers and emergency responders used an off day at Austin High School Friday, to use the building for an all-day rapid response training drill. They focused on an active shooter scenario.

Austin police officers, firefighters, 35 actors, and several other law enforcement agencies participated. The actors wore makeup to make the scenarios look realistic.

“This is also to help them in that mindset of what to expect the chaos that happens the noises um yelling, screaming possible fire alarms you know hearing those gun shots and just being mentally prepared a little better of this is what I know I’m gonna be dealing with or have an idea of what I’m gonna be dealing with, says Austin Police Sgt. Michael Hartman. “Be able to work through that do it efficiently, do it effectively and do it quickly.”

Sgt. Hartman also said that while first responders prepare for situations like this, parents and teachers who sense something is wrong with a student should contact law enforcement immediately.

One thing that’s relatively new for officers, the first officer on scene is now taught to in to any active shooting scenario immediately and not wait for back up.

Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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