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Distillery set to open in Harmony sourcing local grains

HARMONY, Minn. (KTTC) – A new business is calling the town of Harmony home and has plans to keep everything it produces locally sourced.

We’re talking about the new distillery, Harmony Spirits.

It began as just an idea, but now it’s ready to launch with backing from the community.

Every new business starts as a dream. As of this year, that dream is a reality for three friends: Jim Simpson, Andy Craig, and Larry Tammel.

“We actually started talking about this in about 2005,” said Simpson. “Between the three of us, we have 40-some years of experience with fermentation and distillation.”

The goal of Harmony Spirits is to keep everything local as it produces vodka, bourbon, whiskey, rum and gin.

“We’re trying to keep everything local,” said Simpson. “All of our grain is coming from Andy’s farm and all of our spent grains are returning to his farm to be fed to his cattle.”

While there is still some work left to finish up before Harmony Spirits is ready to open for business, the town of Harmony has been very supportive.

“All local contractors to help us put the building up, the Harmony EDA (Economic Development Authority) has been great,” said Simpson. “They got a hold of the lot for us and they’ve helped us with some low interest loans.”

The community is also helping out with some of the interior decorations. “So this wood came to us locally,” said Simpson. “Andy and his father Norm actually rescued this wood from some corn cribs that a local farmer Darrel Ray had built around 1960.”

Distilling is a labor of love for the trio and they can’t wait to share it with southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. “It’s definitely an art,” said Simpson. “There’s a lot of science involved but it is definitely an art to get the product to come out just right. All three of us are excited to have a local product and bring all these local things together to get it out to the world.”

They hope to have a grand opening for Harmony Spirits by the 4th of July.

Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

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