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Healthcare and transportation discussed at “Eggs and Issues” in Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Lawmakers have a long to-do list before the session ends in a month.

Eggs and Issues, organized by Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, provided a preview of discussions for lawmakers.

Topics like healthcare and transportation infrastructure finding were front and center at the Rochester County Club Friday morning.

DFL and Republican lawmakers found common ground when reviewing the needs of Minnesotans.

But, their views differ on how to pay and how much to pay for those necessities.

This dichotomy is especially clear when it come to the Governor’s proposed healthcare bill.

“It’s a very good bill, but it’s a very big and very robust bill. Everybody doesn’t agree on what should be in there and what is in there and how it will be paid for,” said DFL Representative Duane Sauke. “And those are the differences that the next five weeks are going to take care of.”

“In our bill, we in fact have some provisions that are Republican provisions even though we’re majority democratic now in the Minnesota House,” said DFL Representative Tina Liebling. “So there is some area for agreement, the question is, are we gonna actually spend some money to get some of these things accomplished or pretend we can do it without putting in resources.”

Republicans contend that such investments would do more harm than good.

“I am sure that we will not get “government one size fits all” healthcare,” said GOP Senator Carla Nelson. “We’ve already seen that disatorous on the national stage, Minnesota does not have a good history of running things like MNsure, MiNute and MNLARS. All of those things have been a disaster.”

“The number one thing for me on the issue of healthcare is that we have to get ride of the provider tax,” said GOP Representative Nelson Pierson.

Lawmakers will also have to make a decision on transportation by the end of the session.

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