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Class assignment turns into community “Blessing Box”

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-  “Make the World a better Place” was the assignment given to students at a Rochester Community and Technical College English course.

One group of students decided on a “Blessing Box” that would be filled with non perishable food items and toiletries. It’s a similar idea to the “Little Free Library” where you take a book and leave a book.

The assignment became much more than a grade for student Ragan Johnson. “It’s about how to give back to the community, basically what we could do to make somebody happy,” said Johnson.

Johnson had been dealing with substance abuse for many years. Four years ago she came up against a much bigger challenge. “My daughter in 2015 got Leukemia which straightened my life out,” said Johnson. “Sometimes there are things in life that are horrible which was that case, but in a way it was a blessing cause it made me totally turn my life around.”

After Johnson’s daughter’s chemotherapy was over she was free to go home, but Johnson was worried about a possible relapse. “That’s what scared me the most, is life is around me and I had to face my demons again.”

That’s when Johnson heard about a small community at Recovery is Happening. “It’s extremely difficult doesn’t matter how long you have been in recovery or how long you’ve been sober everyday is a challenge,” said Johnson. She joined up both for herself and her eight children. “I feel like I shine in their eyes.”

Johnson says because Recovery is Happening was full of hope, she is happy to be able to place a Blessing Box at its door for those who need a few small items just to get by, “Seeing this box is awesome.”

Items you can donate to box include:





Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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