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Allowing hunters on private land could net some extra income for landowners

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) – Certain rural Minnesota landowners could get a little extra money by allowing their private land to be used for public hunting.

It’s called the “Walk-in Access” or WIA program and is currently offered in 47 counties across Minnesota including Mower, Freeborn, and Steele counties.

To participate, a landowner must have at least 40 acres or be right next to another parcel of land in the program that’s at least 40 acres.

Landowners can earn between $10 and $13 per acre for nine months of use, which is September through May.

“Landowners, it helps pay the taxes for ground that’s not really good for farming, but it is good for habitat. So they get, it’s not like a lot of money, but its something, sitting there not doing anything,” said Mower County Soil and Water Conservation District Technician Larry Callahan.

Landowners have until April 30th to sign up to be a part of the program for the season beginning this September.

For more information about the program, click here.

Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

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