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Middle school “Butt Kickers” remove cigarette butts from downtown Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It’s a dirty job, but thanks to some local middle school students, the Rochester community is a cleaner place to be.

This morning, students from John Adams Middle School have been busy picking cigarette butts off streets in downtown Rochester.

These “Butt Kickers” are not only making the med city a cleaner place, but they’re also raising money for their school.

For every butt collected, the downtown alliance and park department donates a nickle to the John Adams Science Alive Lab, up to 1-thousand dollars.

“I hear back from kids that have been butt kickers in the past,” said Deb Las, a Butt Kicker Chaperone. “So they do have a sense of pride, and a sense of leadership. And hopefully, we can get the message out again so that we can change people one by one.”

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