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Active shooter training at Northwest Rochester precinct

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Rochester Fire teamed up with the police department to hone their skills together.

Crisis actors played the victims and captured the intense emotion of someone caught in a mass shooting.

Police trained to escort firefighters and paramedics as they evacuated wounded shooting victims.

The training scenario continued all the way to Mayo Clinic- Saint Marys emergency room for the first time.

“Well, this idea for this exercise was brought to us from the Mayo Clinic,” said Lt. Tom Faudskar of the Rochester Police Department. “They wanted to do a training where they overwhelm their emergency department with injured parties.We work with the fire department and Mayo Clinic Ambulance service all the time. To go through an exercise like this, and do this kind of training, it’s very valuable to us.”

Many of the participants are recruits that were able to apply their training to a more realistic exercise.

“Yeah, we rely on the police department,” said Captain Caleb Feine of the Rochester Fire Department. “This is what they’re trained to do. Everybody has very defined roles in a situation like this. So our trust and our relationship with the police department is just that. We trust them with our lives especially, in a case like this. So while we’re not armed, they’re here to protect us.”

Training responders in such a stressful environment is meant to prepare them to do what needs to be done should a real emergency arise.


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