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Four legged, hungry crews work to clear undergrowth in region

NEAR CHATFIELD, Minn. (KTTC) – Managing land has proven to be stressful – especially when you have lots of it. Invasive species like buck thorn or thistle come with an expensive price tag for removal and often times aren’t environmentally friendly.

Driftless Goat Company has a herd of helpful and hungry four legged friends that help eliminate invasive plant species in an environmentally friendly way. It’s on an 8th project now and the herd has grown from 4 to 19 goats.

When it comes to cleaning up your property, you have a few options.

“You can pull a weed by hand, you can spray a weed with herbicide, you can mow a weed,” Driftless Goat Company co-owner and operator Peter Ruen said.

Or, you could go with a “baaaad” idea that comes on four legs.

“Well, we have some help cleaning up our property, which was badly needed,” Cindy Bandel said gesturing to the herd around her, chewing away.

10 acres of unmanageable land for Bandel, she was finally able to get in touch with the Driftless Goat Company. They plan to groom 5 of those land plots using it’s goat herd.

“The day came when the goats arrived,” Bandel continued. “And they are doing their job.”

A total of 19 harry employees – that know how to get the job done.

“What the goats are doing, is removing the material that is unwanted and they are providing an ecological environment that is stimulating what we do want,” Ruen said.

The goats are fenced in at in acre at a time. They munch on the land, clearing brush and removing nasty areas of undergrowth. In the process, consuming several types of invasive species.

Each acre takes about a week to chew through – often times, a project too big for mankind.

“We couldn’t have hired people to do it in that short of order,” Bandel said. “It was overwhelming before, now, I think it’s manageable.”

“By opening up the land, buy removing all of this, we provide sunlight, we provide fertilizer and we provide aeration to all of this ground,” Ruen said.

The goats will eat just about anything.

“I’m very impressed with the results that the goats are providing,” Bandel said.

To contact the Driftless Goat Company, send an email to:

Beret Leone

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