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UPDATE: Dover man’s discovery could date back 18,000 years ago

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Monday night, KTTC crews traveled over to Dover, Minn., where a man discovered something potentially prehistoric.

Brian Wegman found what he thought looked like a large tooth on his property a few weeks back and had a hunch that it belonged to a very large animal.

Tuesday afternoon, Wegman took his journey to the Olmsted County Historical Society, where he hoped to find some answers. Experts agreed that it looked like a tooth of some sort, but couldn’t confirm exactly what from.

Olmsted County Historical Society has a a few mammoth teeth and tusks on display, one molar dating back 18,000 years. The group compared the artifact Wegman brought in with the molar and saw striking similarities. Curator of Collections and Exhibits Dan Nowakowski guesses it could be a fragment of a tooth.

“Probably a tooth from an animal, probably from the ice age most likely, mastodon, mammoth, ground sloth, a herbivore for sure,” Nowakowski said. “Usually a carnivore has a sharp tooth rather than a flat tooth like what we were just shown.”

Wegman may have just stumbled upon a piece of a mammoth molar.

“It almost makes you wonder if anybody else found stuff like this and where it could be,” Wegman said. “Or you

know the stuff that I found someone could find years down the road and wonder the story behind it too, I guess.

While the Olmsted Historical Society couldn’t confirm it was a mammoth tooth, they did point Wegman towards some agencies that have paleontologists and fossil experts. Wegman urges folks who may know more information to reach out.

As for some of the other treasures Wegman has found on his land over the years – like some of the the Native American pieces – Nowakowski says they most likely came from the Sioux and Dakota tribes, as they traversed through the area years ago.


Beret Leone

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