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Elysian Boat Parade makes waves in July 4th celebration

ELYSIAN, Minn. (KTTC) – Few places can match the tranquility found when floating on a Minnesota lake.

For families marking their Fourth of July celebrations, Elysian offers a rare opportunity.

Many local communities have parades on the Fourth of July, but not all get to have their festivities on the water.

The boat parade on Lake Francis provides participants with an aquatic canvas where their imagination can truly set sail.

The covered Wagon boat float was this years winner.

There was healthy competition from the Jurassic Park themed vessel and a number of patriotic pontoons.

The boat parade has been a part of Elysian’s tradition for decades, and it’s one that Brian Barnett, the Lake Francis Association President, helps carry on.

“It was just kind of a fun event everybody just headed out and went around,” Barnett said. “We, as a lake association, decided that we were going to have a little more of an award for it. So it started involving trophies. Life is good on the lake.”

Kilat Fitzgerald

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