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On the Road: Rose Creek Days

ROSE CREEK, Minn. (KTTC) — It’s a small town, quiet as the creek flowing through it, but as mighty as the roses that once sprang up along that creek.

Welcome to Rose Creek, Minnesota, rich in history and on most days population 400.

David Miller, helps with Creek Bar and Grill

“A lot of small towns they’re kind of dying off different areas you know used to do big events,” David Miller said.

One event that brings the town back to life is Rose Creek Days.

“This one weekend a year it is basically any and everybody you know come one come all, have a good weekend, get along and have a good time and tell everybody about it for the next time,” Miller said.

Patti Lang is the new owner of Creek Bar and Grill, and her nephew Miller helps with the business. For them, the thought of not keeping Rose Creek Days going was not an option after the Creek Club approached them and asked if they would take over.

This is the town’s 152nd year celebrating Rose Creek Days, “Any tradition is important, gives you something to remember later on,” said Miller.

Donald Mandt, Rose Creek resident since 1964

Those traditions include fun contests. “In 1967, I was the beard champion grower,” Donald Mandt said. “It was big full beard, it looked like a bear,” chuckled his friend.

This is the one weekend a year that many former Rose Creek residents enjoy coming back to the little town they once called home.

“It gets people together and I think that’s all wonderful, anytime you can get people together and have conversation, I mean I like that,” Mandt said. “It’s not something giant, it’s quaint and it’s familiar and I love walking down the street and saying hi to people I haven’t seen forever, it makes people come back home,” said Heidi Olson, owner of Brenda’s Convenience Store.

If you would like to check out all the events happening over the weekend, click here.

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