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Rochester city leaders express optimism about the budget for the next six years

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Rochester City Leaders are focused on the bottom line, not only for the next year, but looking six years into the future.

Rochester is looking at $378.7 million baseline budget for 2020, a number factors in a 2.1 percent tax levy increase, something most city council members were happy about, expecting that increase to be a higher number.

City Administrator Steve Rymer and his team also laid out information regarding rates and numbers over the next six years.

Rochester City Council
Rochester City Administrator, Steve Rymer, presenting the 2020 baseline budget to the City Council.

Rymer said it’s important to set the baseline for the city council, so they can determine what areas are of greatest need for funding in the city.

“Just making sure that the things that the community use or that we use to provide services that we have the resources to maintain what we have today and then address the needs of a growing community. So one of the council’s priorities is to always balance our investment in new and taking care of what we have.”

City leaders expressed a lot of optimism about this upcoming year’s budget, saying it’s great to have a sense of direction for the future.

Council member Mark Bilderback, explained that it sets things out for the future, instead of going year to year. Council member Michael Wojcik, said the six year budget forecast was much overdue and makes it a more honest approach.

All of the city council’s agenda minutes can be found here.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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