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Experts suggest newer locks to help prevent bike thefts

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Biking is a very popular pastime in Rochester, especially during the Summer months. However, good security is necessary if you want to keep your bike in your possession.

Experts say a good lock is paramount to bike security, meaning cable locks and u-locks are no longer viable options.

Even moderately skilled thieves with basic household tools can break older locks and steal bicycles in seconds.

According to Mike Jackson of Honest Bike Shop, cable locks can be cut in less than five seconds with bolt cutters.

U-locks, once the standard for security, can be cut with cordless saws in ten seconds.

Jackson says the preferred safety measure is now a hardened steel chain, as it takes approximately two minutes to cut with a power tool.

Safety is not guaranteed indoors either, as one Rochester man was in the Honest Bike Shop Wednesday replacing a bicycle stolen from his garage the day prior. Jackson also recommends locking the bike up even when in a garage.

In addition to a strong lock, locking skewers also prevent wheel and seat theft.

Bikes can be registered through the Rochester Police Department, which says registering helps prevent theft and aids in recovery if stolen.


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